My appetite for Hamburger Helper doesn’t indicate a creative deficiency

Even though I have a practical, logical, left-brained side, I still possess artistic flair. Yes, my lawn is mowed in precisely straight lines—but our sofa is not centered on the picture window!

Portfolio examples on this page have been selected to highlight the breadth of my potential contributions to your organization. Without question, my greatest satisfaction comes from brand creation, message development, and resulting sales achievements. However, especially when marketing resources are limited, I look to help in as many ways as possible. I thrive on accomplishing more from budgets than expected.

When I say that I can develop something completely, I really can! For many of these projects, I generated the concepts, created the designs, and composed virtually every word. Put me on your payroll and I’ll prove it.

Click the images below to learn more about my work. When you’ve seen enough, please contact me.

Jeff Nelson's Star Prairie Birdhouse Company, LLC Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Company Creation

I’ve spent many years building a personal brand. My left-brained nature thrives in an engineering environment, while… more>

Jeff Nelson's Healthcare Communications Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Healthcare Communications

Walker Methodist’s culture of respect, imagination, and collaboration has quietly made it a Midwest leader in… more>

Jeff Nelson's Scholarship Appeal Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Scholarship Appeal

For a spring scholarship fund appeal, Minnehaha Academy wanted mailers which were more interactive than… more>

Jeff Nelson's GloPatrol Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Brand Development

Beginning only with an idea for a mobile sunless tanning franchising business, I created the entire… more>

Jeff Nelson's Seminar Communications Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Seminar Communications

As part of an effort to decommodify our printing brand, Sexton offered a number of value-added services, including… more>

Jeff Nelson's 3D Modeling & Rendering Portfolio Thumbnail Image

3D Modeling & Rendering

Ever since the introduction of a little-known program called Adobe Dimensions, I’ve been leveraging 3D applications. Among many advantages… more>

Jeff Nelson's Villa Rebranding Portfolio Thumbnail Image


After several years of mediocre growth, Villa experienced annual gains of approximately… more>

Jeff Nelson's Business Development Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Business Development

As vice president of marketing and business development, I tailored our new brand and created virtually… more>

Jeff Nelson's Product Launch Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Product Launch Materials

I directed development of the new identity, sales tools, technical literature, website, and dealer… more>

Jeff Nelson's Data-Driven Campaign Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Data-Driven Campaign

Integrating direct mail, email, dimensional packages, personalized URLs, specialized landing pages, and… more>

Jeff Nelson's Photography & 3D Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Photography & 3D

When you hire me, photography skills come as a bonus. These few examples illustrate studio, nighttime… more>

Jeff Nelson's Testimonial Ads Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Testimonial Ads

In addition to the obvious advertising purpose, this national campaign was designed with an implied
message to… more>

Jeff Nelson's Senior Living Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Senior Living Branding

Beginning only with a logo and color palette, I fashioned a message and imagery with a fun, emotional… more>

Jeff Nelson's Mortgage Package Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Mortgage Package

This mortgage package created the impression with customers that, when it came to home loans… more>

Jeff Nelson's Great Lakes Specialty Products Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Trade Show Graphics

I provided marketing and creative direction for these banner stands. They offered attractive, economical… more>

Jeff Nelson's Installation DVDs Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Installation DVDs

Each DVD featured video narration by Wally Buildwell and a series of computer-generated animations… more>

Jeff Nelson's 30-Second Commercial Portfolio Thumbnail Image

30-Second Commercial

Based on more than 4000 surveys, this self-produced commercial became the most cost-effective means of… more>

Jeff Nelson's Modern Marvels Ads Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Modern Marvels Ads

This national campaign refuted the perception that all retaining wall systems were equal. Illustrations… more>

Jeff Nelson's Financial Advice Cards Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Financial Advice Cards

I developed a library of financial advice cards to educate customers and help promote departments in the… more>

Jeff Nelson's Publicity Portfolio Thumbnail Image


We worked hard to provide editors and producers with accurate writing, photography, and… more>

Jeff Nelson's Kids Savings Club Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Kids Savings Club

The Money Buddies Kids Savings Club featured four fun characters, each with a special message about… more>

Jeff Nelson's Editorial Portfolio Thumbnail Image


I have written countless pieces, including magazine articles, press releases, case studies, technical… more>

Jeff Nelson's Architectural Elements Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Architectural Elements

I worked with the architectural team to develop brand graphics and custom elements for this new… more>

Jeff Nelson's Sexton Rebranding Portfolio Thumbnail Image

Sexton Rebranding

As head of Sexton’s creative group, I also enhanced our offerings with marketing consultation, copywriting… more>