I’ll know more tomorrow

I am fueled by a perpetual desire of accomplishment.

Not an engrossed quest to the top of a corporate ladder, instead, I mean an earthy, not-afraid-to-fail process to stay relevant and develop an invaluable collection of proficiencies. It’s why I work late. It’s why I subscribe to LinkedIn Learning. It’s why I take continuing education courses. It’s how I make the best of fewer distractions as an empty nester. And, it’s why I read troubleshooting forums instead of watching late-night television.

Business-development folks frequently proclaim a marketing flair. Marketing personnel often try to design. Designers sometimes profess to be copywriters. And a few copywriters claim technical as well as creative acumen. These talents rarely come in a single package. With me, they do—really.

Strategic Planning

Business Development

Marketing and Communications Leadership

Data-Driven Advertising and Promotions

Brand Management

Sales and Technical Materials Development

Copywriting and Graphic Design Direction

Website Creation

3D Modeling, Rendering, and Animation

Electromagnetic Motor Project