This is the Star Prairie Birdhouse Company, LLC spread from Jeff Nelson’s portfolio.

Company Creation

Star Prairie Birdhouse Company, LLC

I’ve spent many years building a personal brand — Left-Right Jeff. My left-brained nature thrives in an engineering environment, while my right-brained personality helps create engaging communications. However, hiring managers often seem skeptical that these skills can come in a single package.

Please visit This project should remove any doubts about my talents. With only one exception (mold specifications), I literally did everything! Responsibilities included invention of the patent-pending Star Prairie Nest Box™, patent application, 3D modeling/rendering/animation, marketing copywriting, videography, website creation, social media, graphic design, CNC manufacturing of PVC nest boxes, 3D printing of V2 Star Prairie Nest Box prototypes, product testing, and e-commerce implementation.

If I accomplished all this by myself, think of what I could do as part of a team. A broad understanding of many disciplines allows me to communicate effectively and provide efficient project management. Click on the image for a larger view.

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