This is the Minnehaha Academy spread from Jeff Nelson’s portfolio.

Scholarship Appeal

Minnehaha Academy

For a spring scholarship fund appeal, Minnehaha Academy wanted mailers which were more interactive than traditional letters in #10 envelopes. Provided with the theme “be the final piece of the puzzle,” I created appeal materials with several revealing folds and see-through, die-cut panels.

Unfolding order (see image): 1 Mailer front and back as received in mail. 2 First flap open, exposing a die-cut “gateway.” (The red puzzle piece is remittance envelope artwork showing through the die-cut window.) 3 The opened gateway unveiling additional messages. Again, remittance envelope artwork still appears. 4 This horizontal fold presents a testimonial and reveals a personalized letter insert. (White crescents are die-cut tabs which hold the remittance envelope.) 5 The mailer completely opened. When the remittance envelope is removed, identical graphics appear behind it — preserving messaging and functionality.

This project demonstrates a few of my strengths…a blend of mechanical aptitude and creativity. Click on the image for a larger view.

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